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INIT Model which is a unique model designed specifically to recruit Indian Talent in Japanese companies, follows a systematic process of


  1. Compiling and scrutinizing candidates’ educational and professional information using scientific methods
  2. Shortlisting of candidates based on Mapping of competency matrix for the given job description with candidates’ information ensuring near zero gap
  3. Conducting first round of personal interview by domain experts at SCL Office to assess and evaluate the shortlisted candidate for the suitability of the job positions
  4. Conducting the second round of personal interview by experts having experience of working with Japanese Companies and having proficiency in the Japanese Language to understand whether the candidate is ready and prepared to work in Japanese companies.
  5. Training and grooming the candidate, if required on Japanese language and culture.
  6. Providing End to End service to both the candidate and the recruitment company in hassle-free recruitment

Japanese companies have set up a high benchmark in terms of productivity, ethics and code of conduct. We, at SCL perfectly understand the competencies, skills, knowledge and behavioral expectations from new recruits in Japanese companies.

Shared vision of Japan and India leaders

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Prime Ministers Mr Narendra Modi and Mr. Shinjo Abe keen on synergizing India’s demographic dividend and Japan’s capital and technology to realize the true potential of the Japan-India economic partnership for a prosperous future.

The two leaders shared the intention to further augment cooperation in skill development by expanding the scope and number of Japan-India Institutes for Manufacturing (JIMs) as well as the Japanese Endowed Courses (JEC) in various Indian states.

Cooperation in human resource development and exchanges, including through utilizing frameworks such as Japan’s “Innovative Asia” initiative, and the Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) to be further promoted, aligning with emerging demands of industry.

Japan Economy

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Indian Resource Pool

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Approach for INIT Model

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