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Shokubai Consultancy LLP (SCL) is a specialized staffing agency providing complete recruitment solutions for various industries. “Shokubai” means a “catalyst”, an organization to bring in the change, when it comes to “getting the right job for the right candidate at a right place”. We at SCL are committed to end to end staffing solutions and have developed a unique model – Indo No Ichiban Talent (INIT)  for recruiting young Indian Talent in Multi National Companies.

SCL specializes in all the stages of recruitment, especially for Japan. Japan being a developed yet a traditional country, has a very unique culture. This reflects in the business as well and hence makes it little challenging for the recruiters and the bi-lingual job seekers. There lies the expertise of SCL.

At SCL, we have experienced leaders at the helm, who have knowledge and experience of Japan business, its lifestyle and culture. We also have years of experience in education and grooming young talent. Hence, we are here to support you and work with you in this journey as “catalysts” that is Shokubai Consultancy LLP!


To be a preferred recruitment solution provider for Japanese companies.


To become the trusted partner of Japanese Companies by providing best bilingual candidates.


  1. Mrs. Madhura Gulavani
  2. Mrs. Sunita Khandekar
  3. Mrs. Payal Shah

We have three women at the helm as the Founders of the SCL. They have years of experience in recruitment / HR, Academics, and Finance.


Apart from time, funds, dedication and a concept, we at SCL are very well aware of the fact that we need a strong network of advisors and mentors. We are glad that we do have advisors, who are from the different walks of businesses and bring in the expertise with their experience and know-how. The active participation of the advisors is beneficial for SCL, as they also bring in unique skill sets and experiences as a complement and enhance the capabilities of the company’s founders and team members.

SCL’s Advisory Board consists of IT Professional with Japan experience, Academic expert and a strategic consultant for establishing the businesses for the startups and Business Internationalization. They are actively involved in tasks such as building out company’s network, recruiting top-level talent and the development and deployment of cutting-edge technology.

At SCL, Ultimately we are not leaving any stone unturned. We are developing and nurturing the relationship with our pool of advisors, which will certainly bring in success not only to us but to our clients.

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(INIT) Model

Approach for INIT Model is Making youth employable in Japan.

Recruit skilled talent in Japan.


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